Sunday, August 20, 2006

Reader's Digest

I caught another book. That chick I live with spent a few days reading the book the Devil Wears Prada. She enjoyed the book very much. She likes reading about people who have miserable work experiences. It makes her feel good.

So, she finished reading the book on Friday evening. I waited until she was through before I grabbed the book and took it too the bedroom. I hopped up on the bed and proceeded to rip it to shreds. But that chick took to book back before I was finished. I think that was very inconsiderate. Afterall, I waited for her to finish!


Charlie - The Big Dog said...

How rude!

Dont you hate it when you show a true display of consideration for another, only to have it thrown back in your face!

Its just not on is it Roo-Roo

Aurora "Roo Roo" Borealis said...

I know! Life is unfair!

Ender said...

Maybe she wanted to read it again? But she could have let you finish, then she could have put the pieces back together and had a whole different book to read!

ranger said...

roo roo, you are a very good reader!!!


Aurora "Roo Roo" Borealis said...

Thanks Ranger!

Anonymous said...

Mom says book tearing is unacceptable, but they did not get mad at Dakota this morning when she ate a five dollar coupon.